My 7 years of Epilepsy ~ Was it a vaccine injury?

FullSizeRender 3I am not afraid. Oh sure, I have experienced fear in my life over many things, in varying degrees, but when it comes to speaking my mind, either online or in person, I am unafraid.

For the past year, I have been enjoying a fearlessness and a fierceness that has, quite frankly, taken me by surprise. Perhaps it has something to do with turning 50?

I experienced the fight of my life last year that began when a bill was introduced into the California State legislature known as SB277 that would eliminate the personal and/or religious belief exemption and mandate the CDC schedule of vaccines in order for children to go to school, whether public or private. The measles “epidemic” – the media’s term, not mine, was the precursor to this proposed legislation. I immediately discounted the bill, thinking that such ridiculous legislation would never pass. But it kept me up that night, as I lay awake considering what this might mean for not only our family, but for all Californians.

Yesterday was the first day of school for many here in Los Angeles. I was asked, via some mama activist friends of mine, if I was willing to speak out on the fact that I had to get a medical exemption for my boy Jasper to enter 7th grade. I did. Live. On Fox News show Good Day LA. You can watch it here.

My friend, Safika Erselcuk, who alerted me to the proposed bill one night on Facebook in February 2015, has a vaccine injured boy and I have witnessed her dealing with her son Jackson’s autism for over a decade now. His behavior, his learning disabilities, his moods, problems with his diet, his weight.  In Safika’s situation and many parents of vaccine injured and autistic children, how do you mandate a child to have a vaccine in order to go to school, when the parents know that the child’s autism is from the original vaccines?

Back in 2003, we researched vaccines when I was pregnant. At one point, a parent mentioned in a video about vaccines that we were playing “Russian roulette” with our children.  That did it. No way was I willing to play. I ultimately determined that no childhood diseases were so bad that I couldn’t care for my children and support them in getting well again, and that once well, they could return to school. This was our prerogative as parents and we took it very very seriously. Our children have attended school in California with the personal belief exemption.

My boys are very healthy. We eat organic food and superfoods (I decided some 20 years ago when I lived on an organic ranch, that eating organics was my health and longevity insurance and ultimately preventative medicine, as I wholeheartedly know that what I put in my body affects how healthy I am or am not), drink filtered water, practice massage on each other, use essential oils, see our chiropractor, use homeopathy and herbal and plant based remedies, enjoy early bed times, and have have low screen and EMF exposure. We pray, we meditate and we share our emotions, no matter how difficult, and we listen to each other.

With the onset of SB277, I was a reluctant leader for my local community. Twice I was asked to lead on this issue locally at our school and twice I declined. Finally, I realized that no one else was speaking up to the degree that I felt was needed, therefore the job was mine. We contacted our state Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, and ironically, our Congressman Ben Allen, who was one of the co-authors of the bill, and Governor Jerry Brown, and urged each other via emails, text and on Facebook to do the same. Some listened to us, many did not. Thousands protested at the State Capitol in Sacramento, in the halls and outside, repeatedly over the months until Jerry Brown signed it into law on June 30th, 2015.

I thought we might leave the state. A version of the bill had already been struck down in Oregon and Washington, and since we have many relatives in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island, that seemed like a logical choice. I didn’t want to live in a state that thought this was right. I didn’t want to live in a state that goes against it’s own constitution which promises every child a public education, not every vaccinated child. I didn’t want to live in a state that goes against the international Nuremberg Code, which states such principles as informed consent and absence of coercion, clearly absent from this law.

Last year, while researching vaccine injury, I began to connect the dots with my own health history. Could my 7 years of epilepsy, Grand Mal (big bad) and Petit Mal (little bad) seizures, have been a vaccine injury? Seven years I ingested the synthetic drug Dilantin. To this day I can’t stand the taste of Wintergreen, as that’s what my chewable drugs were flavored. The doctor couldn’t explain it to my mother and I. He said I had probably fallen on my head!?! They said I had a form of childhood epilepsy and it would go away at puberty. How did they know this, if they didn’t know how it started? I had all the vaccines as a child in Canada and I had many of the diseases. Mmm, those vaccines worked well didn’t they? Could this have been the reason that I so viscerally felt a NO in my entire being when the topic of vaccinating my children ever arose all these years? It wasn’t until I was seated in our new pediatrician’s office this past spring, (we were kicked out of our old pediatrician’s office because we had unvaccinated children) telling her my and my family’s health history. I told her of my theory that my epilepsy may have been caused by vaccine injury. Her response? “Absolutely, there was Mercury in the vaccines up in Canada in the 70s.” Mercury… a known neurotoxin…put into vaccines as a preservative. The doctor then went onto say “There’s no way I would vaccinate these children with what you are telling me.” Wow. Vindicated, affirmed, elated, you name it, I felt it. It was like the sky opened up and the angels sang. An entire year had gone by of my feeling like very few in my life were listening to me: my school administrators, some of my family members, some friends, my state legislators and certainly not the man who mattered the most where my boys were concerned, Governor Jerry Brown.

I am sure I lost many on Facebook last year and I may continue to and I just don’t care. Because you know what? I must speak out. I must speak my heart, my truth. I must share what I know and I must do so unapologetically and fearlessly. My voice matters. So does yours, so does everybody’s. What’s the worst that could happen? A few lost friends on Facebook? What’s the best that could happen? Parents research vaccine safety and immunity before the shots are given, if they are given, not after. Time and time and time again last year I heard “I trusted my doctor. They never mentioned any risk.” Well, the risk is right there in the vaccine inserts, but doctors rarely read them. The drug companies know this, but the doctors don’t!?! From Merck’s website, herewith a few of the possible adverse reactions for the Measles, Mumps Rubella vaccination (3 in 1): cases of aseptic meningitis have been reported to VAERS, as well as pancreatitis, diabetes, arthritis, pneumonia, encephalitis, and death. Merck states that the previously mentioned adverse effects are all rare, but as we are seeing with the film Vaxxed sweeping the US this spring and summer, not as rare as was previously thought. If there is a risk, there must be a choice.

If you are a pregnant mom reading this post, congratulations, you are about to experience one of the greatest things we women can experience if we choose to, becoming a mom. And of course, your parenting starts now. Here’s a great resource for you to navigate the landscape of questioning vaccines to determine the path that will work best for you and your family.

My mom has since apologized to me. She said she didn’t know any better. I forgive her of course. What mother would knowingly put their child in harm’s way? But here’s the thing: drug companies don’t care about all these adverse reactions. I don’t even think they care about the deaths. It’s simply collateral damage in the pursuit of public health and safety. What I know they do care about is the bottom line and when we refuse their injections because we don’t want them, or we don’t believe they are safe for our children, then things will change. Unless of course they mandate all of us. Which may not be so far away. Do your research, educate before you vaccinate, learn the risk and above all, follow your heart. In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, it’s the one thing that you have dominion over.

Yours in health freedom,




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