About Stephanie

Stephanie Dawn enjoys her role as a Radiant Living and Sacred Business Coach and Mentor, working with the visionary leaders and entrepreneurs transforming the dominant paradigm from fear to love. She inspires hundreds of women (and a few smart men!) around the world in the creation of a new paradigm of living, birthing and heart-centered business, with a focus on spiritual principles, personal responsibility, excellent self-care and financial and business know-how and wellness. She is the author of soon to be published Your Sacred Birth ~ A Visionary Guide to a New Birth Paradigm.

As an advocate for the feminine voice for the past several decades, with a deep dedication to growing women’s awareness of their divine feminine power in life, in birth and in business, Stephanie works with women in the health and wellness worlds, as well as the spiritual and creative worlds,  including practitioners, ministers and authors. Stephanie supports her clients in accessing their sacred medicine, their inherent wisdom, articulating their message, and growing their businesses in unprecedented ways.

In her 20 plus years in the personal growth and business worlds and 11 years in the birth world, Stephanie has traveled extensively both on an internal and global journey. She began her career as an actress in Vancouver, British Columbia in her early twenties and appeared on such shows as 21 Jumpstreet and performed in many plays. Upon moving to California in 1991, she lived briefly in Santa Cruz where she learned to surf, then lived for 2 years on an organic citrus ranch in the Coachella Valley, where her healing and holistic studies truly began; organic living, yoga, aromatherapy, massage, eating a plant-based diet and all things health and wellness became her study and practice.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in 1994, acting in such films as Ed Wood, Renaissance ManNorth and others, her acting aspirations were soon replaced with her spiritual studies and a fierce and passionate fire was fueled as she began to feel a deep need to protect the old growth forests of her native British Columbia after watching the film Battle for the Trees while visiting Vancouver one summer. During her time as an environmental activist, she worked in fundraising and event production, as well as participating in many non-violent, civil disobedient actions with Rainforest Action Network, Greenpeace, Amazon Watch and NRDC, among others. During these years she first attended services at Agape International Spiritual Center founded by Reverend Michael Beckwith and after six years of study, became an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and counselor for the next 13 years.  In 2001 after meeting and marrying the man of her dreams, actor Jon Eric Preston, she became pregnant with their first boy Jasper and the Spring of 2004 saw the dawn of the first Sacred Birth Workshop just before her home birth with a midwife.  She continued to work with expectant couples in private practice and via her workshops, gave birth to her second boy Zephyr at a hospital with a midwife and a doula, and continued to develop Sacred Birth Work.

In late 2009, Stephanie’s prayers were answered and she began studying business, online marketing and program production for all of 2010, in an effort to take her message of the sanctity of birth to a global audience. She was invited to speak and teach at the World Birth Summit in Damanhur, Italy, with birth giants Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Robin Lim and Michel Odent and then again at The Spirit of Birth conference also at Damanhur. In 2011 the Sacred Birth Workbook was published in Italian. The Sacred Birth Mentor Program came into being at that time, which taught birth professionals Sacred Birth Work and certified them to teach it to expectant parents.

Within this program and beyond, she began offering business training to birth professionals and women entrepreneurs, to help them to create happy, sustainable and prosperous lives doing what they love. Now hundreds of women have matriculated through Stephanie’s in-person and online workshops and programs. After a year of working for her business mentors in 2014 as a top business strategist for their Thrive Academy, helmed by Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs, Stephanie honed her skills as a business coach for all manner of heart-based entrepreneurs, which fortified her ability to continue serving women seeking to up-level their prosperity and wealth consciousness, birth their sacred medicine into the world for their in-person and online aspirations, and double and triple their income. Stephanie travels to New York, Hawaii and Sedona, teaching about radiant living, divine feminine empowerment, wealth and prosperity consciousness, sacred business and birth, via speaking engagements, retreats and workshops. Stephanie is mother to two boys and lives in Los Angeles.