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Hey, I need support

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I had a big wake up call these last few months. I didn’t realize how much support I needed. Until I did. You know how we don’t know what we don’t know until we know? Yeah, that was me. That’s often me, to be honest. I am happily tripping along this light fantastic of a world, until I am like “Wait a minute, um, I have a need!”

I released my long term relationship this past year and have gone it alone and while it was absolutely the right thing to do, albeit hard, and deeply emotional with all the feels, I am currently in deep recognition of just how much I did receive from our relationship and I am in gratitude. Consequently, there has been a support gap. 2017 was an absolute roller coaster professionally and personally. I also released my business coach after flourishing under her love for two years. I was ready for a change and was starting my superfoods business and my need in mentors changed. I received a lot of support from my new mentors and my new business flourished.

As this new year of 2018 has dawned, my big aha moment is that: I need even more support. But it’s the degree of support that I need. It’s grown. I don’t just need it every now and again. I need it constantly. And I don’t just need a little support. I need a lot of support. As someone who has been devoted to a deep mission of women’s empowerment for the past two decades, and who has also been a practitioner and teacher of excellent self-care for as long, I know what it means to gather around me a coterie of healers, counselors and therapists that help me with whatever my body, mind or spirit needs. I live in Los Angeles after all; they are everywhere. Help is out there!

But lately, with the very big game I am playing with my businesses and now with my body, I am well aware that I need extra support. I have hired no less than five coaches to help me this year.

They are:

Coach Frauka, award winning International Physique League competitor who is giving me the food plans and workout plans to take my body to the next level and yes, compete in my first IPL competition in April (!).

Ronnie Landis, Visionary Author, Teacher and Nutritionist to help me understand more deeply the connection between self-love, nutrition and health so I can better serve myself and my clients in their radiance.

Bog Heilig, Legacy Leadership Academy Business Coach to support me and my Purium team to fly

Kendra E. Thornbury and Connor Sauer, my Embodied Wealth business coaches, wise women who are deeply dedicated in supporting me to create wealth by embodying the Divine Feminine.

So, consequently, I am feeling very supported as I start this year. Each one of these I can lean into over the next 12 months to help me with whatever is coming up around their respective expertise that I am experiencing. I am grateful. And here’s what I know: each one of these people represents the degree to which I am loving myself more than I ever have. I am giving to myself in an unprecedented way this year. Feels so good! I am so worthy! It’s in this way that I can give what I do to myself, to my children, to my clients, to my team and to my community.

Here’s what I know: for those of us who are called to give much during this time of paradigm shifts and earth changes, much is needed in terms of energetic midwifery. We need help with our kids if we are mothers, we need help with our health if we are suffering, we need help with our Spirit if we are feeling bereft in our relationship with the Goddess and we need help with our businesses as we grow and glow with our sacred medicine into the world. Any my dear help is here 🙂

For the month of January, 2018, I am offering my Sacred Business Coaching services at a substantial discount in celebration of it being my birthday month. Clarity Sessions are 50% off and all of my packages are 20% off. Curious? If you are serious about receiving support for all that you are bringing into the world, go ahead and apply here. I can’t wait to hear from you. Learn more here.

My Top Seven Books on Healing the Money Wound

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Recently I was asked for my top 4 books on healing the money wound by a colleague. I immediately texted her my favorite four titles and realized that my community would really benefit from knowing about these books and then, of course, I had to add a few more.

I have been on a journey to heal my own money wound for all of my adult life. I ‘divorced’ myself from money a long, long time ago. My only desire was to live for art, spirit and activism and that’s just what I did. I lived for several decades as an actress, an artist, an activist and a student of spirituality and then a spiritual counselor. I was never motivated to make a lot of money, so I didn’t. I lived very frugally making a dollar go very very far.

Finally I realized that I was the one to determine how my life could be and if I wanted nice things, I could create them. If I desired a different lifestyle, I could manifest it with intention, action and commitment to the desired outcome.

Ok, without further ado, here are seven of the books that have served me along the way (in no particular order) as I have endeavored to create a prosperous life, to increase my wealth consciousness and that have served me in healing my own money wound. I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every one.

1. The Law of Divine Compensation, On Money, Work and Miracles by Marianne Williamson

I am an enormous fan of Marianne’s and when this book came out in 2012, I purchased copies for the women that were working very closely with me at the time. Marianne is known as one of the foremost teachers of A Course in Miracles and her application of the Course’s principles to this topic is stellar. I have no desire to make money unless it is connected to spiritual principles and is connected to a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, and Marianne creates a clear path to understand how the miraculous can inform your work and your ability to create prosperity in your life.


2. Spiritual Economics, The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Eric Butterworth

This book was originally published in 1983, when I was graduating high school up in Canada, but it didn’t reach my hands until the late 90s when I was training to become a spiritual practitioner at the Agape International Spiritual Center. This book is a dream for the pure spiritual student. Full of bible quotes, it also is peppered with quotes from Kahlil Gibran, Victor Hugo, Plato and others. Butterworth does a great job of delivering a deeply spiritual message without being overly religious. He instead offers affirmation and affirmative prayer throughout the book. You can’t read this in it’s entirety without feeling like you have an entirely new look on money, work, giving and receiving and tithing.

3. Sacred Commerce, Business as a Path of Awakening by Matthew & Terces Engelhart

I found this book on one of my first trips to Cafe Gratitude’s newest location in Venice Beach several years ago. Reading this book filled me with joy, and inspired me greatly, as it is completely aligned with the new paradigm of business and if you’ve ever been to this restaurant, they know of what they speak. Servers wear white shirts that are V necked and have L O on one side and E on the other. The Engelhart’s get that business is a way of expressing love and it shows in their food, their servers and their menu. They see business as a temple and the service that unfolds within as sacred. While it is written from the perspective of running a restaurant, they offer universal spiritual principles and practices for business that are high spiritual philosophy beautifully blended with wise practices that show a depth of understanding of what it truly means to be a spiritual being of love having a human experience and what is offered is applicable for many entrepreneurial and corporate businesses.

4. Money is Love, Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money by Barbara Wilder

Reading this book 15 years ago for the first time had an enormous effect on me. I particularly enjoyed Barbara’s telling of the history of money and the gold routes of early Europe and understanding sacred beginnings of money and currency. This book beautifully clarifies the money grid of the old paradigm: greed, fear, lack, hatred, discrimination, multi-national corporations, etc., and that of the new paradigm: love, joy, abundance, goodwill, sacred service. A slim volume, this book is a must have as you work to redefine money in your life.


5. The Soul of Money, Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life by Lynne Twist

As a long time environmental activist, I had known of Lynne Twist as the founder of the Pachamama Alliance. This book is filled with stories from Lynne’s life as a fundraiser and global activist. I was particularly struck by her story about meeting Mother Theresa. That story alone was worth the price of the book. It helped me understand how we can be a stand for a new world and simultaneously funnel millions of dollars through our hands in service to that new world.



6. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

This book is currently on my nightstand as I recently purchased it at LAX on my way to Sedona, but I had to include it in this list because Jen Sincero is such a badass! I loved her book You are a Badass and knew I had to have this one. Her writings are steeped in the teachings of the Science of Mind and New Thought, and her storytelling is hysterical, heartbreaking, practical and passionate. I love her deeply spiritual of  ‘of our time’ voice, and I am grateful she healed her money wound to be able to write this book. Read it and weep, laugh, and get busy!



7. The Prosperity Bible, The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity, Various Authors

While I had read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich many years prior to picking up this bible, I had never read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, that is embedded within this ‘bible’. The title put me off, but it came highly recommended by my coach at the time so I persevered. This little book within a book was a game changer for me, a clear and solid step on my ever ascending understanding of my life as a prosperous being. With each page, I steadfastly dismantled the constructs of wealth and abundance that are wedded to the old paradigm. I have far more to learn from this bible and I recommend it to all of my clients and friends that struggle with the money wound. Best 20 bucks you will ever spend.




How I became an organic freak

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rainbowfood2Some 25 years ago, I was sitting in a bustling cafe in Santa Cruz, California, enjoying my morning coffee and a muffin. I had just moved there from my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. I had left a life of theater and rain in Vancouver. My goals were few at that time in my life: I wanted to live in the sunshine, learn to surf, and ride my bike to work. A lovely looking man smiling brightly sidled up beside me and asked if the seat beside me was taken. It was the only seat left in the cafe. We began chatting, his name was Will, and I learned that he was an organic citrus farmer in town to sell his organic oranges. The tiny town of Santa Cruz and beyond in Aptos and Capitola, had about 7 natural food stores that he sold his fruit to. I was taken by this unusual man and his unusual work. He also traded stocks on the stock market, which he was doing that day in the cafe. He seemed happy and successful. We began dating. He introduced me to yoga, vegan living and the world of organic and natural foods. I was smitten. With all of it. Soon I moved to live with him at his Hawkeye Organic Ranch where he farmed predominantly oranges and grapefruit in the Coachella Valley in a tiny town called Mecca. So began my education into organic living and farming. I was immersed wholly and completely into this land of fruits and nuts!

Around Will’s farm, we were surrounded by conventional farms that used toxic chemical pesticides, including large farming operations like Dole. I would go on a morning run and inhale the pesticides in the air from the early morning aerial spraying. This just seemed insane to me. How could an organic farm be surrounded by all these conventional farms and still be organic? We began to farm in the San Gorgonio Mountain Range north of Will’s farm far from all the industrial conventional farms. Apples and various vegetables. After three years, Will and I parted and I moved to Los Angeles, but my love of organic living never waned. Twenty five years ago there were no organic foods sold in Trader Joes and Ralph’s. I would add my suggestion weekly in TJs suggestion box and I would talk to grocers in the standard grocery stores to please buy from organic farmers. I began to write a book called the Organic Revolution. I never finished that book, but I realize now, that book could still be written, for while we have made great strides in this country where organic foods and farming are concerned, the multinational corporations such as Monsanto have placed a great threat to small farmers everywhere, in the US and beyond.

My family thought I was nuts. I have preached organic living to them all the years since. I still do. I am now raising my two boys to understand the difference between organic and non-organic foods, so they can make informed decisions about what they are putting into their bodies away from home.

Fast forward to August 4th, 2016. I am sitting in a convention hall at the Gaylord Hotel in Orlando, Florida, listening to author, organic farmer and green foods visionary Dave Sandoval talk about a business deal he recently secured with 60 farmers in Thailand, who oversee 200 farms, to turn their brown and Jasmine rice farms organic, and how he went up against Monsanto to secure the business for his three year old company, Purium. I sat there, one woman in a room of about 1000, imagining what was possible when the company grew to be six years old, and then ten years old. What would the environmental and economic impact be as this company grew? I was smitten. Again. And so the organic revolution continues.

In addition to having lost almost 30 pounds of postpartum (10 years postpartum!) weight enjoying daily non-GMO organic superfoods, I have also ended my 25 year daily coffee habit, I have regained the energy I once had some 15 years ago before I gave birth to my boys and I am watching my skin, hair and nails grow and glow.

I have aligned with this company wholeheartedly to help pregnant, nursing and postpartum mothers and others to drop weight, to regain their optimal health and support them in creating health (and wealth!) in their lives and their families and communities. I was honored to rank Diamond with the company on October 31st and I have just returned from celebrating at their Diamond Trip this weekend where I toured their Long Beach facility, learned a great deal more about the products, and enjoyed time spent with fellow Diamonds who traveled to be together from around the world. To me, this is more than offering non-GMO, organic superfoods products to my friends, colleagues and community, this is an extension of my birth into organic living some 25 years ago. This is a movement, the US food movement, which impacts every country around the world, as Purium farms with partner farmers all over the world. Their products ship to Canada, the EU and soon Australia. If you are excited by what I am sharing with you here and want to transform your health or your experience of wealth in your life and pull in a second stream of income, please reach out to me by commenting here or send me a message via Facebook. I am committed to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transformation of human life on earth and my work with Purium is a big part of that. Learn more at (Be sure to reach out to me if you want to enroll, so I can ensure you receive up 30% off of the products). I am here to support you in creating a life that lights you up. To your health!

Got economic empowerment?

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9521173-pile-of-gold-coins-in-the-shape-of-heart-isolated-on-white_25_1415648270-300x300Recently I was speaking with my coach about my life, my business, what I have achieved and where I am desiring to go. Coaches are good for that. They offer heaps of reflection and sacred mirroring and I love mine dearly. I was sharing with her about how important I feel economic empowerment is for women in our current age, and the parallels that I am also passionate about in regards to empowerment for women and birth. I was looking at my coaching business and was considering specifically the women I work with. This was all juxtaposed with an issue I was processing around a wealthy individual in my life. I was disturbed by those who have so much, who are seemingly just wealthy for the sake of being wealthy, owning many cars and homes, going on many trips, and not doing a whole heck of a lot of good with it every day. Or enough good, in my not so humble opinion. I was in judgement big time. I thought they could/should/ought to be doing more. Then we circled back to laser in on economic empowerment. And she asked me “Is this person economically empowered?” I was stopped. I had to answer honestly, and as I define it, I had to admit that, no, they weren’t economically empowered. This was a revelation to me. All of a sudden, I stopped judging them, stopped comparing myself to them and could just bless them for who they are, and give thanks for what I had created in my life. I do feel economically empowered. I have created a business and a life that really works for me. I work about four to five hours a day and spend the rest of my time with my kids and husband, doing yoga, reading, walking on the beach. I have consciously created business hours that serve me and my family. Self-care is enormously important and I carve time out for it regularly. I also make time for girlfriends regularly and I love my solitude.

Here’s six tips for creating economic empowerment in your spiritual entrepreneurial life:

  1. Value yourself and charge what you are worth I have done so much work around this. Once upon a time I was a very broke actress, activist and artist. I really didn’t care about money, I just followed my heart, worked my butt off doing odd jobs and trusted Life to look after me. I thought I was free, but really, I was just broke. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun back then allowing the creative spirit to take me wherever I wanted to go, but I was not of woman of any kind of means. It is so important to do the inner work around your own wealth consciousness, prosperity and money. Get really good at having money conversations. Clean up your credit, hire an accountant. Do what you must to honor your financial life. Pray about it. Find a friend or colleague to help with this, or hey, hire a coach!
  2. Create business hours (including text and email) that work for you The time was when I saw clients at all hours of the day and week. It was crazy! When my first business mentors offered that I create business hours, I worried “Would people come?”. Of course they did and I now have solid boundaries about when I am and am not working seeing clients. Win, win, win, for me, for my clients, for my family.
  3. Carve self-care into your week and weekend Being a workaholic is so old paradigm. If we are going to balance out the world and raise the energy of the divine feminine to the degree that we must in order for our world order to be restored, we must honor our body’s needs, our spirit’s needs, our heart’s needs, our family’s needs and our communities needs. It all matters. But make making time for you a priority and then you will willingly, wholeheartedly have all the love, time and attention for the people and projects that really matter so you can give from the well that is overflowing, not the well that is dry.
  4. Find a mastermind I have always said that when women circle up, great things happen and the same is true in business. With all of the moving parts of having an online or in person business and all the hats you must wear, leaning into those who are in the same boat can help so much. You can bounce your ideas off them, ask for resources, get troubleshooting support in hiring staff, implementing systems and much much more. Give yourself the gift of a group of women/people who are seeking to uplift their lives and their businesses and yes, their economic empowerment so you can be a major player in the expansion and evolution of planet earth.
  5. Write down your business and financial goals This is so important. The Universe can’t give us what we are wishy washy about. As my coach Kendra Thornbury says, “Decision is the point of creation.” So gain clarity about what you are seeking to energize, write it down, share it with the women/people in your mastermind or a cherished colleague. As you have intended and decided that something is going to happen, and work steadily in it’s direction, it will manifest. We live in a creative Universe and we are just that powerful. When we align our thoughts and emotions with action, magic and miracles happen.
  6. Create an altar Place your business goals and anything else you want to energize for your life and business. Place sacred objects that have meaning to you and offer your goals to Spirit.

Here’s to your economic empowerment. We lift as we climb. Goddess bless you as you love into creation all that you desire.