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Hey, I need support

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I had a big wake up call these last few months. I didn’t realize how much support I needed. Until I did. You know how we don’t know what we don’t know until we know? Yeah, that was me. That’s often me, to be honest. I am happily tripping along this light fantastic of a world, until I am like “Wait a minute, um, I have a need!”

I released my long term relationship this past year and have gone it alone and while it was absolutely the right thing to do, albeit hard, and deeply emotional with all the feels, I am currently in deep recognition of just how much I did receive from our relationship and I am in gratitude. Consequently, there has been a support gap. 2017 was an absolute roller coaster professionally and personally. I also released my business coach after flourishing under her love for two years. I was ready for a change and was starting my superfoods business and my need in mentors changed. I received a lot of support from my new mentors and my new business flourished.

As this new year of 2018 has dawned, my big aha moment is that: I need even more support. But it’s the degree of support that I need. It’s grown. I don’t just need it every now and again. I need it constantly. And I don’t just need a little support. I need a lot of support. As someone who has been devoted to a deep mission of women’s empowerment for the past two decades, and who has also been a practitioner and teacher of excellent self-care for as long, I know what it means to gather around me a coterie of healers, counselors and therapists that help me with whatever my body, mind or spirit needs. I live in Los Angeles after all; they are everywhere. Help is out there!

But lately, with the very big game I am playing with my businesses and now with my body, I am well aware that I need extra support. I have hired no less than five coaches to help me this year.

They are:

Coach Frauka, award winning International Physique League competitor who is giving me the food plans and workout plans to take my body to the next level and yes, compete in my first IPL competition in April (!).

Ronnie Landis, Visionary Author, Teacher and Nutritionist to help me understand more deeply the connection between self-love, nutrition and health so I can better serve myself and my clients in their radiance.

Bog Heilig, Legacy Leadership Academy Business Coach to support me and my Purium team to fly

Kendra E. Thornbury and Connor Sauer, my Embodied Wealth business coaches, wise women who are deeply dedicated in supporting me to create wealth by embodying the Divine Feminine.

So, consequently, I am feeling very supported as I start this year. Each one of these I can lean into over the next 12 months to help me with whatever is coming up around their respective expertise that I am experiencing. I am grateful. And here’s what I know: each one of these people represents the degree to which I am loving myself more than I ever have. I am giving to myself in an unprecedented way this year. Feels so good! I am so worthy! It’s in this way that I can give what I do to myself, to my children, to my clients, to my team and to my community.

Here’s what I know: for those of us who are called to give much during this time of paradigm shifts and earth changes, much is needed in terms of energetic midwifery. We need help with our kids if we are mothers, we need help with our health if we are suffering, we need help with our Spirit if we are feeling bereft in our relationship with the Goddess and we need help with our businesses as we grow and glow with our sacred medicine into the world. Any my dear help is here 🙂

For the month of January, 2018, I am offering my Sacred Business Coaching services at a substantial discount in celebration of it being my birthday month. Clarity Sessions are 50% off and all of my packages are 20% off. Curious? If you are serious about receiving support for all that you are bringing into the world, go ahead and apply here. I can’t wait to hear from you. Learn more here.

Got economic empowerment?

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9521173-pile-of-gold-coins-in-the-shape-of-heart-isolated-on-white_25_1415648270-300x300Recently I was speaking with my coach about my life, my business, what I have achieved and where I am desiring to go. Coaches are good for that. They offer heaps of reflection and sacred mirroring and I love mine dearly. I was sharing with her about how important I feel economic empowerment is for women in our current age, and the parallels that I am also passionate about in regards to empowerment for women and birth. I was looking at my coaching business and was considering specifically the women I work with. This was all juxtaposed with an issue I was processing around a wealthy individual in my life. I was disturbed by those who have so much, who are seemingly just wealthy for the sake of being wealthy, owning many cars and homes, going on many trips, and not doing a whole heck of a lot of good with it every day. Or enough good, in my not so humble opinion. I was in judgement big time. I thought they could/should/ought to be doing more. Then we circled back to laser in on economic empowerment. And she asked me “Is this person economically empowered?” I was stopped. I had to answer honestly, and as I define it, I had to admit that, no, they weren’t economically empowered. This was a revelation to me. All of a sudden, I stopped judging them, stopped comparing myself to them and could just bless them for who they are, and give thanks for what I had created in my life. I do feel economically empowered. I have created a business and a life that really works for me. I work about four to five hours a day and spend the rest of my time with my kids and husband, doing yoga, reading, walking on the beach. I have consciously created business hours that serve me and my family. Self-care is enormously important and I carve time out for it regularly. I also make time for girlfriends regularly and I love my solitude.

Here’s six tips for creating economic empowerment in your spiritual entrepreneurial life:

  1. Value yourself and charge what you are worth I have done so much work around this. Once upon a time I was a very broke actress, activist and artist. I really didn’t care about money, I just followed my heart, worked my butt off doing odd jobs and trusted Life to look after me. I thought I was free, but really, I was just broke. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun back then allowing the creative spirit to take me wherever I wanted to go, but I was not of woman of any kind of means. It is so important to do the inner work around your own wealth consciousness, prosperity and money. Get really good at having money conversations. Clean up your credit, hire an accountant. Do what you must to honor your financial life. Pray about it. Find a friend or colleague to help with this, or hey, hire a coach!
  2. Create business hours (including text and email) that work for you The time was when I saw clients at all hours of the day and week. It was crazy! When my first business mentors offered that I create business hours, I worried “Would people come?”. Of course they did and I now have solid boundaries about when I am and am not working seeing clients. Win, win, win, for me, for my clients, for my family.
  3. Carve self-care into your week and weekend Being a workaholic is so old paradigm. If we are going to balance out the world and raise the energy of the divine feminine to the degree that we must in order for our world order to be restored, we must honor our body’s needs, our spirit’s needs, our heart’s needs, our family’s needs and our communities needs. It all matters. But make making time for you a priority and then you will willingly, wholeheartedly have all the love, time and attention for the people and projects that really matter so you can give from the well that is overflowing, not the well that is dry.
  4. Find a mastermind I have always said that when women circle up, great things happen and the same is true in business. With all of the moving parts of having an online or in person business and all the hats you must wear, leaning into those who are in the same boat can help so much. You can bounce your ideas off them, ask for resources, get troubleshooting support in hiring staff, implementing systems and much much more. Give yourself the gift of a group of women/people who are seeking to uplift their lives and their businesses and yes, their economic empowerment so you can be a major player in the expansion and evolution of planet earth.
  5. Write down your business and financial goals This is so important. The Universe can’t give us what we are wishy washy about. As my coach Kendra Thornbury says, “Decision is the point of creation.” So gain clarity about what you are seeking to energize, write it down, share it with the women/people in your mastermind or a cherished colleague. As you have intended and decided that something is going to happen, and work steadily in it’s direction, it will manifest. We live in a creative Universe and we are just that powerful. When we align our thoughts and emotions with action, magic and miracles happen.
  6. Create an altar Place your business goals and anything else you want to energize for your life and business. Place sacred objects that have meaning to you and offer your goals to Spirit.

Here’s to your economic empowerment. We lift as we climb. Goddess bless you as you love into creation all that you desire.

My 7 years of Epilepsy ~ Was it a vaccine injury?

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FullSizeRender 3I am not afraid. Oh sure, I have experienced fear in my life over many things, in varying degrees, but when it comes to speaking my mind, either online or in person, I am unafraid.

For the past year, I have been enjoying a fearlessness and a fierceness that has, quite frankly, taken me by surprise. Perhaps it has something to do with turning 50?

I experienced the fight of my life last year that began when a bill was introduced into the California State legislature known as SB277 that would eliminate the personal and/or religious belief exemption and mandate the CDC schedule of vaccines in order for children to go to school, whether public or private. The measles “epidemic” – the media’s term, not mine, was the precursor to this proposed legislation. I immediately discounted the bill, thinking that such ridiculous legislation would never pass. But it kept me up that night, as I lay awake considering what this might mean for not only our family, but for all Californians.

Yesterday was the first day of school for many here in Los Angeles. I was asked, via some mama activist friends of mine, if I was willing to speak out on the fact that I had to get a medical exemption for my boy Jasper to enter 7th grade. I did. Live. On Fox News show Good Day LA. You can watch it here.

My friend, Safika Erselcuk, who alerted me to the proposed bill one night on Facebook in February 2015, has a vaccine injured boy and I have witnessed her dealing with her son Jackson’s autism for over a decade now. His behavior, his learning disabilities, his moods, problems with his diet, his weight.  In Safika’s situation and many parents of vaccine injured and autistic children, how do you mandate a child to have a vaccine in order to go to school, when the parents know that the child’s autism is from the original vaccines?

Back in 2003, we researched vaccines when I was pregnant. At one point, a parent mentioned in a video about vaccines that we were playing “Russian roulette” with our children.  That did it. No way was I willing to play. I ultimately determined that no childhood diseases were so bad that I couldn’t care for my children and support them in getting well again, and that once well, they could return to school. This was our prerogative as parents and we took it very very seriously. Our children have attended school in California with the personal belief exemption.

My boys are very healthy. We eat organic food and superfoods (I decided some 20 years ago when I lived on an organic ranch, that eating organics was my health and longevity insurance and ultimately preventative medicine, as I wholeheartedly know that what I put in my body affects how healthy I am or am not), drink filtered water, practice massage on each other, use essential oils, see our chiropractor, use homeopathy and herbal and plant based remedies, enjoy early bed times, and have have low screen and EMF exposure. We pray, we meditate and we share our emotions, no matter how difficult, and we listen to each other.

With the onset of SB277, I was a reluctant leader for my local community. Twice I was asked to lead on this issue locally at our school and twice I declined. Finally, I realized that no one else was speaking up to the degree that I felt was needed, therefore the job was mine. We contacted our state Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, and ironically, our Congressman Ben Allen, who was one of the co-authors of the bill, and Governor Jerry Brown, and urged each other via emails, text and on Facebook to do the same. Some listened to us, many did not. Thousands protested at the State Capitol in Sacramento, in the halls and outside, repeatedly over the months until Jerry Brown signed it into law on June 30th, 2015.

I thought we might leave the state. A version of the bill had already been struck down in Oregon and Washington, and since we have many relatives in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island, that seemed like a logical choice. I didn’t want to live in a state that thought this was right. I didn’t want to live in a state that goes against it’s own constitution which promises every child a public education, not every vaccinated child. I didn’t want to live in a state that goes against the international Nuremberg Code, which states such principles as informed consent and absence of coercion, clearly absent from this law.

Last year, while researching vaccine injury, I began to connect the dots with my own health history. Could my 7 years of epilepsy, Grand Mal (big bad) and Petit Mal (little bad) seizures, have been a vaccine injury? Seven years I ingested the synthetic drug Dilantin. To this day I can’t stand the taste of Wintergreen, as that’s what my chewable drugs were flavored. The doctor couldn’t explain it to my mother and I. He said I had probably fallen on my head!?! They said I had a form of childhood epilepsy and it would go away at puberty. How did they know this, if they didn’t know how it started? I had all the vaccines as a child in Canada and I had many of the diseases. Mmm, those vaccines worked well didn’t they? Could this have been the reason that I so viscerally felt a NO in my entire being when the topic of vaccinating my children ever arose all these years? It wasn’t until I was seated in our new pediatrician’s office this past spring, (we were kicked out of our old pediatrician’s office because we had unvaccinated children) telling her my and my family’s health history. I told her of my theory that my epilepsy may have been caused by vaccine injury. Her response? “Absolutely, there was Mercury in the vaccines up in Canada in the 70s.” Mercury… a known neurotoxin…put into vaccines as a preservative. The doctor then went onto say “There’s no way I would vaccinate these children with what you are telling me.” Wow. Vindicated, affirmed, elated, you name it, I felt it. It was like the sky opened up and the angels sang. An entire year had gone by of my feeling like very few in my life were listening to me: my school administrators, some of my family members, some friends, my state legislators and certainly not the man who mattered the most where my boys were concerned, Governor Jerry Brown.

I am sure I lost many on Facebook last year and I may continue to and I just don’t care. Because you know what? I must speak out. I must speak my heart, my truth. I must share what I know and I must do so unapologetically and fearlessly. My voice matters. So does yours, so does everybody’s. What’s the worst that could happen? A few lost friends on Facebook? What’s the best that could happen? Parents research vaccine safety and immunity before the shots are given, if they are given, not after. Time and time and time again last year I heard “I trusted my doctor. They never mentioned any risk.” Well, the risk is right there in the vaccine inserts, but doctors rarely read them. The drug companies know this, but the doctors don’t!?! From Merck’s website, herewith a few of the possible adverse reactions for the Measles, Mumps Rubella vaccination (3 in 1): cases of aseptic meningitis have been reported to VAERS, as well as pancreatitis, diabetes, arthritis, pneumonia, encephalitis, and death. Merck states that the previously mentioned adverse effects are all rare, but as we are seeing with the film Vaxxed sweeping the US this spring and summer, not as rare as was previously thought. If there is a risk, there must be a choice.

If you are a pregnant mom reading this post, congratulations, you are about to experience one of the greatest things we women can experience if we choose to, becoming a mom. And of course, your parenting starts now. Here’s a great resource for you to navigate the landscape of questioning vaccines to determine the path that will work best for you and your family.

My mom has since apologized to me. She said she didn’t know any better. I forgive her of course. What mother would knowingly put their child in harm’s way? But here’s the thing: drug companies don’t care about all these adverse reactions. I don’t even think they care about the deaths. It’s simply collateral damage in the pursuit of public health and safety. What I know they do care about is the bottom line and when we refuse their injections because we don’t want them, or we don’t believe they are safe for our children, then things will change. Unless of course they mandate all of us. Which may not be so far away. Do your research, educate before you vaccinate, learn the risk and above all, follow your heart. In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, it’s the one thing that you have dominion over.

Yours in health freedom,




Can a 51 year old lose 20 pounds of postpartum weight 12 years later?

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IMG_1295Last October, a client contacted me and shared that she had just completed a 10 day cleanse, had great results and shared a video with me on Facebook. The video revealed that the company is dedicated to offering organic superfoods for weight loss and radiant health. I was immediately sold. It was just a matter of determining when I would be able to start, as my life, of late has been incredibly scheduled and I knew it would take planning. Finally, I ordered the products, did the 10 day cleanse, lost about 7 pounds and then promptly went on vacation. Not the best way to keep the weight off and support what I had begun on the cleanse! I kept on with several of the products that are the foundation of the cleanse and was determined to do the cleanse again.

Fast forward to this past Spring. I ordered the products for the cleanse again, did the mental preparations for a strong experience, and I ended it on Mother’s Day. I lost about 11 pounds. This time, after the cleanse, I had a plan. I also hired a health coach. I was resolved to keep the weight off and continue losing. A little over 4 weeks later I had lost 22 pounds and 14.5 inches. I was astounded. These pounds had hung on for 12 years! I just didn’t know how I was going to lose them. I knew I needed a system and I knew that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers was not it. This cleanse was originally created for stars who wanted to drop weight right before all the big awards shows. Living in Los Angeles, and being married to an actor, I got it. The pressure is real. But I rejected my own internal pressures for 12 long years, choosing to focus on raising my kids and building my business, and seriously, nurturing a long time love affair with chocolate and sugar.

Something shifted when I turned 50. I was at the tail end of experiencing a Candida overgrowth and I was on a very strict diet to eliminate it. I had been making poor food choices after the death of my Dad. I just didn’t care. Cookies, pizza, you name it. But with the onset of my 50th birthday, I made a decision: to be the healthiest I could be for the next 50 years while living on planet earth.

So, as I write, I am in the final month of a three month commitment of clean and healthy eating using these products. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, a little protein, no coffee, no alcohol, minimal grains and absolutely no sugar. I would like to lose another 5 pounds to be back down to my pre-baby weight. Finally. So the weight loss continues and my commitment to my health is greater than ever.

Through this time of transformation I am experiencing an up-leveling of my experience of greater self-love, as I continue to nourish myself. I have fallen in love with these products and have no intention of stopping any time soon. I know that my daily diet alone isn’t fortifying me the way that it must, in order for me to be the best I can be, and my family is enjoying them as well. Just like any mom, getting my boys to eat vegetables regularly is a big deal. Knowing that they are eating organic superfoods on the daily really makes me happy.

If you are struggling to lose postpartum weight or any weight for that matter, I am beginning another cleanse in August and would love to invite you to join me here. Also, if we aren’t friends on Facebook, please friend me here. If I can do this, you too can have your own health transformation, no matter how long you have been desiring to lose the weight.

8 Self-Love Practices that Changed My Life

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Me and Frank Stella at the Whitney

Me and Frank Stella at the Whitney

Long before I met my husband and created a family, I was engaged in a deep spiritual inquiry that had me releasing the untruths that were keeping me locked in a cycle of self-hate and I aligned with the spiritual truths of my divine true nature that supported my living a life of joy, peace, and love.

How did I do this? Well, it took years to be honest. I received many months of spiritual counsel, cried many tears that represented the falling away of those beliefs that didn’t serve me and practiced acts of self-love that made me feel good, that helped me to foster a relationship with myself that became my new normal. The days of negative self-talk became mindfully put to rest as I began to download ways of living and caring for myself that exalted who I am as a divine being.

Herewith, I share with you 8 self-love practices that changed my life:

Prayer. When I first heard the practitioners at my spiritual home of Agape pray their affirmative prayer, I felt I was swept up into a powerful swirl of light and love and I can recall thinking “I want to pray like that!”. Then I began to work with the Hereditary Chiefs of the Nuxalk Nation from British Columbia to help them save their old growth forests and home. These men prayed before everything they did and I thought “I want to live and pray like that!” So over time I received many many prayers that supported me in releasing what wasn’t true that I had fallen into agreement with. This allowed me to vibrationally resonate with the spiritual truth of my being and then live from that. Completely transformational! What I learned is that whatever I speak with feeling is my prayer, so why not consciously pray on things that uplift my soul and energize the world I am seeking to create? A prayer can be as simple as an “I” statement affirmation that affirms the spiritual truth: “I am Love” or it can be a much longer spiritual mind treatment that creates powerful healing within the neural pathways of your brain and therefore changes your lived reality.

Buying myself fresh flowers. What once seemed a great extravagance became a weekly ritual for me. Why? Because I LOVE flowers and decided that I would have them in my home weekly to enhance and beautify my modest little Venice home. Beauty is very important to me and bringing fresh flowers into my home, sometimes scented, like lilies and sometimes not, just made me feel good! Of course now my husband knows this about me and he brings me fresh flowers weekly when he sees they are beginning to wilt.

Hydrotherapy. While I was studying to become an Agape practitioner in 2000 and 2001, there was a lot of reading about God happening and I would draw myself a nice hot bubble bath and read for about an hour. This time of solitude would feed me tremendously, cost nothing and supported my spiritual walk of self-love and self-acceptance so gorgeously. To this day I lock myself away in the bathroom from all my men, throw in some epsom salts and bubbles and languor in the water for as long as I want. I also take myself to my local Korean spa here in Los Angeles almost monthly now and enjoy hours of away time in the baths and lay reading on the heated Jade floor. Bliss!

Meditation. While I am not a daily meditator I do sit when I am called to sit to quiet my mind and open to the nothingness that comes with allowing myself to become conscious of the breath and let the mind become still. I also enjoy yoga nidra meditation at night to send myself off to sleep.

Taking myself to the beach. The beach is my happy place here in Los Angeles. At the beach I can look out at the waves and tap into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and feel the smallness of anything that may be bothering me or creating any kind of stress in my life. It puts it all in perspective. I love the sea and will sometimes see dolphins and even whales!

Art Dates. Before having children I painted with oils. Before that I painted with acrylics, practiced collage and various other crafting and art forms, a true child of the 70s! Recently I went to the Whitney Museum in New York City and felt like a kid in a candy shop. My soul was filled with the whimsy of Alexander Caulder’s Circus, Georgia O’Keefe and I was particularly taken with the Whitney’s collection of Frank Stella. It was heaven! My current commitment to my artist self is to manifest an office outside of my home that I can also paint in. Ah creating once again! I can’t wait.

Taking myself to the movies. I love the cinema! For many years as a teen I thought I would be a Hollywood actress, reading all the wonderful biographies of so many female greats: Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and others. I acted in high school, in my twenties in Vancouver, and worked for several years in the field upon arriving to Los Angeles. Taking myself to the movies without feeling the need to go with anyone felt like a great act of self-love when I was single. It made me happy and supported me in feeling like I didn’t need a date to have fun!

Dancing.I love to dance and love nothing more than to absolutely lose myself in music while dancing. From dancing in my living room as girl in front of the “mirror” of our large living room to discos in the 80s to Grateful Dead concerts in the 90s to ecstatic dance events here in California to dance parties in my living room with my boys, dancing takes me into the moment and allows my spirit to soar like nothing else. I danced with my babies in my arms when they were small and we turn Pandora on in our living room now and have dance parties all the time.
I even follow a woman on Periscope now who does dance parties! This is very necessary for a woman who sits coaching and writing most of the day!

No matter how you celebrate this weekend, may it be infused with heaps of self-love!

Big love,

Marilyn Monroe and Radical Self-Care: A Love Affair

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images-2Long before I met my husband and was married and there were babies in my life, I was an absolute teenage Marilyn Monroe fanatic. My love affair with her lasted into my 20s! Even now, in celebration of my 50th birthday, my dear Aunt Fanny gave me two books about Marilyn by photographer Andre de Dienes and I am loving them! To me, she was the height of feminine beauty. I read all about her in many books, purchased head shots of her when in downtown Vancouver memorabilia shops or while visiting Hollywood on family vacations, that I would then plaster all over my room.

And yet her story was so sad. Her early death seemed so senseless to me. For all of her glamour and talent, she was a deeply pained individual. She wanted a baby so badly, wanted a sustained relationship and mate and it never happened. She could turn on her glamorous Sex Goddess on the spot and could just as easily turn it off when she wanted to be incognito, so she was no dummy to how to deal with her fame. She was adored by millions around the world and yet, she ultimately died under suspicious circumstances, with a lot of drugs in her body.

I believe Marilyn never learned the art and practice of self-love.

Thankfully, in my late 20s and early 30s, I did.

It came in tandem with my spiritual studies, when I was studying to become an Agape practitioner and spiritual counselor. It came as I energized my relationship with myself/Spirit and recognized that in caring and loving for myself I was ‘glorifying the goddess’, in other words, God as me! I knew I would never be like Marilyn, nor did I want to be, but I could treat myself as a Goddess anyways.

My self-care took many forms before I had my family: eating food that made me feel good, taking myself to the movies, working out with a personal trainer, taking long bubble baths where I would read about God. I did what made me happy, in addition to all the other commitments that I had in my life. I carved out time for me. Deep inside I knew that these self-care rituals and this muscle that I was exercising would serve me well, as I knew the creation of my family was just around the corner and the one who would be caring for me the most, while raising a family, would still be me!

This cultivation of a loving relationship towards myself was years in the making. I certainly wasn’t taught this by any mentor in my life. It came part and parcel with my newfound understanding that my life was sacred, my body was sacred and the only one who could truly relate to it like that before anyone else would, was me.

This was a radical about face from how I had been in the past. For many years, I would say that I was spiritually bereft, with little to no understanding of God, no spiritual practice, and a very short supply of self-love. Like many, I had grown up being criticized by family members as being too dramatic, too sensitive, too this, too that, and so what happened is that I unconsciously came to think that there was something wrong with me. I wasn’t accepted for who I was so I learned to put on a smile even when I was hurting deeply inside.

This all came to light when I was in an acting class in my early 20s, and participating in an exercise on stage. I had memorized a scene as Marilyn Monroe and my teacher, Alex Bruhanski had me sit on stage in a chair next to another empty chair. He asked me to imagine that I was speaking to “little Stephanie” in the empty chair and I was to tell her all that she had to look forward to in her life. Well that started the floodgates immediately. I spoke to my past self about the difficulties she would endure and then at some point he had me go into my Marilyn monologue. Of course, it was some of the best, most honest work I had ever done on stage. There was just one problem. After my monologue I couldn’t stop crying. I grabbed my cigarettes (ha!) and ran outside with my friends trailing after me. One of my friends, Chai, walked with me for a bit and offered that I might want to consider counseling. I said something like “Counseling? I didn’t even know anything was wrong!”.

I was very very far away from myself and was completely oblivious to this fact. This began years of inquiry for me, and yes counseling, about life, the universe and everything. I believe I have surmounted a great deal of pain and misery brought about by “wrong thinking” about who I am/was, based on how others related to me and how I learned to relate to myself.

My radical practice of self-love became a daily opportunity to accept myself, warts and all, one day at a time. I have utilized prayer, meditation and other practices as I deepen my self-love walk. And of course I teach these things now. I also have learned the fine art of forgiveness in the process. I don’t believe you can have true self-love without forgiveness.

Last year I was humming along in my life, thinking that my self-care was going great and then I discovered that I had Candidiasis. I hadn’t a clue what it was or why it happened, but in sheer desperation this past fall, I learned quick! Essentially it’s caused by stress, too much sugar, white flour, caffeine and alcohol. None of which I thought I was doing in excess, but when I strung together a series of events; a move, a nasty fall that injured my shoulder badly, my Dad’s death, it all created the perfect fertile ground for a Candida overgrowth. I have since learned that approximately 70% of Americans are walking around with an overgrowth that manifests in a myriad of physical ways. If you think this might be you, this excellent program helped me.

Something else that has helped me along the way is to to say YES to that which I truly want to do and NO to that which I do not. As women, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with life, because we give and give and give. This can be really hard, learning how to say no, but it’s really necessary in the radical practice of self-love.

Life will happen, good times and bad. But the love in my heart for myself, for this sacred life and for those that I love is changeless. Oh and Marilyn’s beauty, that’s changeless too! Goddess bless you Marilyn for your light that continues to shine on!

Could you use a little radical self-love? In just a few weeks I will be co-hosting a day with my friend Myrriah Raimbault, Sacred Medicine Woman creator, with some beautiful women in Los Angeles where we will take a deep dive into practicing self-love. We will share the processes and practices we have learned and practice daily, we will play in the hot tub and pool, receive acupuncture and spiritual counseling and coaching and eat yummy food. You are invited to join us! There’s only 6 spots left! You can learn more here at this link.