Greetings Visionary Women, Mamapreneurs, Practitioners and Lightworkers!


What do you think of when you hear the words ‘sacred business’? What does it conjure? Is it possible? Does it even exist?

I believe so and I believe YOU are here to do your sacred work and run your sacred business.


When we value and give our sacred medicine and charge what we are worth, transmit our unique message through our marketing and website and social media, our clients find us because we are shining our business LIGHT!

Learning how to run a business by accessing your own divine feminine power (and all that that entails), is crucial to creating a sustainable, prosperous and yes, sacred business.

The old paradigm of living and business is a decades old construct that no longer serves us, that is steeped in the more masculine ways of doing business, without any regard for the supreme value of the divine feminine. But you can turn that tide by standing in your power as a woman with great gifts to give and awesome value, and thereby providing deep inspiration for your ideal clients.

lovefear4_25_1415648322Are you prepared to transform how you think?

Are you prepared to transform how you operate in the world and the business you are seeking to create? Are you willing to choose love over fear, every day? I invite you to ask: “How can I infuse my business with love, the way I infuse my sacred work/clients with love and support?”

So I am curious…

Are you a successful business woman who has sacred medicine to share with the world?

Are you seeking to take it all up to the next level?

If you are a visionary business woman, a writer, coach, birth/health coach or healing practitioner, counselor, writer, blogger who wants to double or triple your income, then I invite you to keep reading.

The women I work with everyday are probably a lot like you:

  • Uniquely talented in a myriad of ways, but building a solid and prosperous in person or online business is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h!
  • You love what you do but are tired and stressed and don’t know how to take your business to the next level
  • You have spent a lot of money on training, courses and workshops and would like to earn it back
  • Your life/work balance is upside down
  • You lack confidence in believing you can really have the desired lifestyle you seek


It’s a new day for all women entrepreneurs.

Old ways of marketing and selling one’s services and products no longer work.

How would you like to GROW your business?

Would you like to transform your part-time hobby or your full time job into your full-time passion doing what you LOVE?

Would you like a PROSPEROUS  business that gives you energy?

Would you like to create and/or fill your workshops?

Would you like to take your business online?

Would you like to double or triple your income?

Do you want to write a book or workbook?

Do you desire to take your business to the next level?

You see I have done ALL of these things and now it’s my sheer joy to help visionary women like you make it happen for themselves.

Would you like to gain CLARITY around your next step?

Social Media, Branding, Website, Marketing, Sales…

As an entrepreneur, you are the decision maker around every aspect of your business. From your brand and logo, to your ability to market and sell your services, to your website and online presence, to meeting and enrolling your clients, to your ability to capitalize on social media, to your time management and goal setting. Being in business takes commitment, crafting and strategy.

Working with a coach is a fast track to success!

If you are serious, and you want support, then let’s connect!  APPLY NOW for a Sacred Business Clarity Session with Stephanie


About_photoIt’s my sincerest JOY to serve you!

It is my sincerest pleasure to support the women of the world who are transforming the dominant paradigm of living and business from fear to love.

If you know you have a big dream, then you must know that you need not do it alone. In fact, it’s next to impossible to fulfill your dreams alone!

Reaching out for help, delegating where needed, finding the experts who will help you take your business where you want it to go is crucial to succeeding in this new era.

If you know that it’s time to take a quantum leap and to begin to live your radiant and prosperous life and work, let’s connect to support you in gaining clarity and strategy around what’s next.

Big Love,


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