It’s Time to Rise ~ Grow Your Business and Your Prosperity in Unprecedented Ways!

Are you ready to…

  • Create Radiant Health, Wealth and Live the Life that is Yours to Live?
  • Birth Your Sacred Medicine into the World and Command Higher Fees?
  • Create a Life/Work Balance that Makes Your Heart Sing?
  • Double or even Triple Your Income Doing What You Love?


Dear Visionary Woman Leader and Entrepreneur,

You are powerful beyond measure.

You have a strong vision. You desire to make big changes in the world; in your life, your health and in your business! You know it’s time for a quantum leap!

You are in the right place.

I’m a visionary who loves to work with visionaries!

In the past 5 years, I’ve transformed my health, my wealth and my life from a stay-at-home mom with a nice hobby, to a thought leader for the new paradigm of living, birthing and business.

My clients come to me with the desire to take everything they are doing to the next level. They know that they can count on me for expert business midwifery skills. They know they will learn how to birth their sacred medicine into the world and make a name for themselves, or take their brilliance to even higher heights, have more influence and earn more money than they ever dreamed as an entrepreneur. I support women who are leaders of the new paradigm in their field: the arts, women’s health, the birth world. All worldchangers! Women who are seeking to create a business that is imbued with the Divine Feminine, that feels good, that is a cohesive transmission of their unique gifts into the world, where they can influence more people, and substantially grow their income.

I invite you to journey away from life as you know it to allow your vision of what’s possible for you and your business to grow in unprecedented ways.

“My VIP day with Stephanie was a turning point for my business!”

I came home from our VIP day with way more than I anticipated. I had a new clear vision for the next year of my business and how to fulfill on it. I was also more connected to my WHY, and felt very understood and supported in my sacred calling that I wanted so badly to put out into the world in a bigger way.

It was much more than developing a business plan for me, it felt deeply spiritual as Stephanie helped me to really feel grounded and centered in my work. I needed confidence that I was on the right track so that I could make bold leaps forward. I didn’t actually know I needed that until I got it from my time with her!

Since the retreat I have been in massive action, following the plan we made together. I imagine one day that I’ll look back at all that I have created and will know that my VIP DAY with Stephanie sparked everything that was in my head into reality!

So grateful.

Krystina Sloan, Fertility and Birth Mindset Coach,

MaryI came across Stephanie’s offer for a VIP day in Sedona and knew immediately it was for me. The thought of 10 hours focusing on my business, my unique offering to the birth world and my spiritual path were exactly what I needed, and Stephanie was absolutely the most perfect guide and support. I came away feeling refreshed, energized and focused, knowing that I had a plan, countless ideas, and most of all, her wisdom, support and love. Just as every woman deserves a midwife in birth, so do we deserve a mentor like Stephanie when birthing our businesses. She knows that it is not “just” a business, but my soul’s calling. I look forward to a long working relationship with her and am completely confident that my VIP day with her has set my business, and my life, on a trajectory of success and fulfillment. Many blessings to Stephanie on her work and her contribution to the new paradigm of birth. It is such important work.

Maryn Green, CPM, Indie Birth Association, Sedona, Arizona


During your day you will receive support to:

  • Conceive your Visionary Business Roadmap that ensures your desired income is met
  • Strategize and streamline your offers so that they are compelling to your ideal clients
  • Begin to learn the art of sacred sales enrollment conversations


Caroline“Stephanie’s expertise is life-changing.”

Stephanie is a true visionary! She has the extraordinary ability to see the sacred truth of both your business and your life — and to propel you to harness your own power to reach new levels of understanding, empowerment and success. I had the amazing chance to work with her as a sacred birth coach 10 years ago and today am extremely grateful to learn from her incredible business insight. Then and now, Stephanie’s expertise is life-changing. In the case of her exclusive VIP day service, business-changing! I consider her a pioneer for the new paradigm of business.

As a new mompreneur, I feel utterly inspired by her concept of building a business on one’s own terms, and especially her conviction about building it with the energy of the feminine. What an aha moment! I was nothing short of ecstatic after my amazing VIP day. Her coaching was invaluable food for my soul and my new ventures. Her unparalleled spiritual wisdom and guidance informs her stellar business teachings. It is a potent and distinctly rare mix that has allowed me to fully value my gifts, open myself to abundance, and hit the ground running (with blinders off!) to create the business and life of my dreams. Her thoughtful and encouraging branding and marketing skills have given me a full set of hands-on tools for success.

I am so grateful to her everyday as I put her incomparable VIP know-how to great use and see the compound positive results it continually brings forth. Plus, she is a true joy to work with! Stephanie’s impassioned energy is electrifying and and her serene, loving persona is nothing short of therapeutic. Spending time with her is really like drinking in a ray of sunshine. Thank you Stephanie!

Caroline Walsh, CARO Makeup, New York City


Here’s the deal: I am a vision catcher! I catch visions.

When a client shares their vision of what they are seeking to create, I catch it. I “see” the vision and see exactly what needs to happen to bring it to life. The women who I work with are the visionaries whose visions I catch! I am a master strategist and I can see the bigger picture and immediately intuit and translate all that needs to happen in order for it to manifest so that you can birth your sacred medicine in wholehearted and fulfilling ways to create the life you desire. I am also known for my ability to go beyond what’s being said and tune into what is seeking to emerge as your life, your business, your radiant health and well being.


Is this year your year to make BIG things happen?


If so, here’s where I will be in 2018:

Kauai, November 2016 ~ 1 spot

Kauai, February 13th ~ 1 spot!


New York, June & December 2016 ~ 2 spots!

New York, June & November ~ 2 spots!


Sedona, September 2016 ~ 2 spots

Sedona, March and September ~  2 spots!



Los Angeles. May & October 2 spots!


Are you ready to create a business lifestyle you love?

We will play, we will pray and we will hone in on and strategize the most powerful path for you to achieve your wildest dreams and unlock the secrets to experience all that your heart desires.

I will teach you the business and personal mastery skills you need to create radiant health and well-being, as well as massive income growth so you can lead a creatively expressed life.


With a VIP Day, you will:

  • Be on the fast track to success; we will pack several months of coaching into 1 day!
  • Transform blocks that are stopping you from manifesting all that you desire
  • Create a stellar business model that is unique to you
  • I will customize the experience to your needs and priorities, so you get exactly what you signed up for

Just fill out the application below and I will be in touch.

(Please apply only if you are seriously interested.)

I look forward to being of service to you!

Big Love,

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Stephanie Dawn

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Apply for an exclusive VIP Day with Stephanie